Bottle Feeding

Use the formula which is given to you upon discharge from the hospital. Follow the mixing instructions on the can. Formula comes in three forms: powdered, concentrated liquid and ready-to feed- liquid. Concentrated liquid formula should be mixed 1:1 with water (example: mix 1 ounce of concentrate with 1 ounce of tap water). Ready-to-feed formulas do not need additional water. Powdered formulas are mixed with 2 ounces of water per each level scoop of formula.

Initially start with two or three ounces of formula in each bottle and gradually increase as often as necessary to satisfy your baby. You can increase the amount with each feeding as long as your baby is taking the feeding in less than 30 minutes and is not spitting up excessively. As a general rule, we suggest waking your baby at least every 3 to 4 hours during the day in order to keep the baby from reversing her days and nights. At night, feed the baby on demand.

Keep the bottles, nipples and caps clean. A dishwasher, microwave steamer, or boiling are all acceptable means of sterilization. Formula should be fed at skin temperature. Test this by allowing a few drops to fall on the inner portion of your wrist. When the bottle is upside down the milk should drip slowly from the nipples. If it does not, the tip is probably too tight and should be loosened or the nipple is clogged.

Keep the baby in the semi-upright position when feeding. Never prop a bottle or allow your newborn to be fed while lying flat. Burp after each feeding and if necessary during the feeding. Usually babies will self-burp by four months of age. Discard excess formula after each feeding.

Prepared formula and open cans of concentrate should be stored in the refrigerator and must be used within 48 hours. Prepared formula at room temperature for more than 1 hour should be discarded. Leftover formula should always be discarded.

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