The stomach and intestinal tract are irritated. Please rest the stomach for up to 4 hours before challenging it again with any liquids or food. Generally we recommend (after proper bowel rest) small, frequent sips of clear liquids like G2 Gatorade or Pedialyte over 12-24 hours. If vomiting recurs after sips of clear liquids, rest the stomach for 2-4 hours again and repeat process. Avoid milk products and carbonated beverages. The bubbles of soda will inflate the stomach and increase the chances of more vomiting. Start off small (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon) then increase slowly the amounts of liquid as tolerated by your child. Your child should be evaluated if the vomiting does not resolve within 12-24 hours or there is associated severe belly pain or distension (swelling) or signs of dehydration. Signs of dehydration include dry skin and the inability of the skin to snap back after pinching, dry lips and mouth, limited or no tears, and limited or no urine output. After clear liquids have been tolerated for greater than 8 hours without vomiting, your child can gradually return to a normal diet, starting with bland foods (saltine crackers, bread, rice, or mashed potatoes).

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